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  • Listicles

    • (Secrets to Success/Mistakes writers make/Screenwriting Tips/Latests Writing Trends.) Listicles must have a number such as top 5 Secrets to success, 10 Screenwriting tips...

    • Listicles of must-read Hollywood scripts are popular on our site. Especially genre-based (sci-fi/horror/drama) here is an example 6 Romantic Scripts You Will Love to Read
      • ​Listicles suggesting must-read scripts have to be made available to download from our article. Sites to find scripts for free CLICK HERE
  • ‘What I Learned From …’ articles. Have you been to an event; met a top writer, producer, or filmmaker; or seen or read something (or something else) that has TAUGHT you important insights or lessons about writing? Then we'd be happy to share it.

  • Reflective posts on the Struggles of a Screenwriter are more than welcome. However, these must be insightful, meaningful, and provide value to our community. Here's an example - Don't Be That Screenwriter.

Our Style:

500-1500 word count max; Infographics welcome.

Article titles must be attractive and make our community want to read them. The content needs to be engaging. No one wants to read a boring article. It must add value to our community. Include SEO keywording in the post to ensure that it will stay relevant over time. Here's a list to help you CLICK HERE

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 Submission Guidelines

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  3. Please be open to receiving notes on changes to the content provided as they will be expected.

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