TRANSCRIPT Ep22 - Getting Exposure with Script Revolution

Updated: Apr 12

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Intro: All right, welcome to the successful screenwriter podcast, where we are dedicated to anything and everything screenwriting. Here, we interview successful screenwriters and filmmakers to discover just what it takes to make it in the industry.

Geoffrey: Welcome to the podcast, we have a pretty cool guest on today, Mr. CJ Walley, from Script Revolution. CJ thanks for being on with us today!

CJ: Thanks so much for having me Geoffrey, I really appreciate it!

Geoffrey: Absolutely! We like to reach out to the community and find ways for our writers to gain success. Before I do a deep dive into Script Revolution, which really interests me, I want to first hit you with your origin story. Where do you come from? What inspired you to write? And what inspired Script Revolution?

CJ: I’m in Staffordshire here in the UK, hence why everything is a little dingy and dark in the background. It’s November 6th, fireworks may go off at any moment for a variety of reasons. I got into screenwriting in 2012. I’m pretty open about this, I had a life-crisis that was a major breakdown. It’s been a rough patch.

Geoffrey: I’ve been there.

CJ: I think it’s something we should all talk about more, because it’s what a lot of writers go through. I’m really an open book on that whole journey, which I don’t think is over yet. I had that massive crisis at 32, I was on the floor sobbing in this big breakdown. I had thought, “Oh, writing’s going to fix all this!” Wow, worst place to go; of all the careers to try to break into, it’s the worst possible thing I could’ve done. It’s been a rough and exciting ten years where I’ve slowly been working up to actually becoming a working writer/producer.

Geoffrey: Ten years is the key number. It took me about ten years before I started getting taken seriously, and fifteen before I started making any real headway. It makes a lot of sense to me. I’m glad you’re willing to talk about the stigma and mental health of [filmmaking]. I often talk about my big dark night of the soul and I’m glad you’ve had yours in a way where you were able to pull through it and show [others] how you were able to pull through it. People need to see that. In our culture, nobody wants to talk about the fact that we’re all probably crying inside.

CJ: I totally agree. It’s interesting for you to say you’re glad to hear [I went through it], and I do think it is a good thing to hear because almost everyone goes through this. Success looks so easy in hindsight, and people who have success at any level will come across like they’re just walking through [their career with ease] because of their confidence and swagger.

Geoffrey: It’s this whole Instagram thing, man. I’m not trying to sound rude, but I am glad to hear [you pulled through your lowest moment], because it’s something we need to talk about. Speaking about it allows other people to understand that somebody they’re listening to is going through this. [The celebrity] is human, and [the listener] is not the odd man out. I had a big serious breakdown, years back, where I just didn’t know if I could do this anymore. It was the first time I got feedback on a script. I remember taking a buddy to a bar and saying, “I don’t think I can do this. This is too hard.” I don’t know if you can see my background, but I am a bit of a Star Wars guy. In that bar, which I had never been to before, a Wookie walks in right behind me, followed by some Jedis. It turned out to be Star Wars night [at the bar] and my buddy said, “This is a sign, dude!”

CJ: I love that, I’m a faith-est myself. I live for these, “This is blessed/this is cursed,” moments. I would absolutely take that as a huge sign, wow! If you are vulnerable, you’re also weak and sensitive, and it’s even worse if y